The local favourites Sridhar-Anuradha duo featured on the second and concluding day, it was a sell out. what a change the familiar Kamach “Daru” “Mathe Malayadhwaja”, convincingly adopted for a varma could make. The duo’s artistry to interpret the lyric to suit the male and female characteristics of the mother goddess was so evocative, so wholesome that the rapport was immediate and enduring.
The short pada Anu depicted was as impressive. But the piece de resistance of the evening was undoubtedly Sridhar’s portrayal of the tragic hero of Mahabharata - Dhritarashtra. Though the ‘sthayi’ was a daunting ‘Karuna rasa’ the interpretation drew as much on self pity as the partriarch of the Kuru dynasty experienced disgust at the outrageous treatment meted out to Draupadi by his sons and the inevitable consequence of their endless misdeeds.

The mainstay in Abhinaya is ‘Drishti’. But how evocatively Sridhar could enliven the portrayal with Sheer stance, facial muscles, trite hasthas and torso cadences is what made the portrayal worth going miles to see!

KALASPANDANA - 10th March 2011 - S.N.Chandrasekhar


A fine balance of technical expertise and poignant abhinaya, their dance mirrors the best in the art. Truly the first dance couple of Karnataka, what has hitherto been inaccessible to even seasoned teachers of the state is now theirs the Shridhars have been selected as faculty for the prestigious Natya Sangraham camp at Tamilnadu in February .
This puts the Shridhars in league with classical dance giants such as Kalanidhi Narayanan - the prima donna of abhinaya, Vyjayanthimala Bali, Chitra Visweswaran, and the Dhananjayans. Anuradha and Shridhar will be sharing space with Leela Samson, director, Kalakshetra Foundation, and veteran dance guru C V Chandrashekar. ( click Here to view Article in DH )

* After watching his dances, I think that he's simply fantastic and probably my favorite of all the male classical dancers in Indian cinema. He has a way of dancing with a grounded center and effortlessly executes his movements joyfully even when sped up for filmy purposes. Graceful and flexible, he dances so beautifully and expressively while maintaining his masculinity. by Minai, USA Click Here to view (film classical dances of sridhar )


Shridhar and Anuradha, the seasoned Bharatanatyam dancers from Bangalore are known for their high standards, especially in abhinaya. Every scene, every look and sigh was in character and performed with attention to detail.
There were many moving moments in the tapestry- Karna's gratitude to Dhuryodhana who stands up for him in front of Kripacharya, his hurt in Draupadi's swayamvara, reaction to Krishna revealing the truth about his birth and his embittered reaction to Kunti's declaration.

Through Shridhar's brilliant portrayal one could see Karna's transformation from a strong, confident youth to an embittered man who has been tossed around by selfish people.  - Roopa Srikanth in Hindu, Chennai.

Shridhar speaks about understanding religion, philosophy, and the importance of Gandhiji in present times.  ...... interview in Samyuktha Karnataka (Kannada).

SPARKLING PRESENTATION (at the Music Academy, Chennai).

The Sridhar's duo entered with a brisk nrityanjali, well coordinated and lively.... with clean lines and thrill of fast nritta capped by perfect freezes were a delight to watch.  The couple scored even better in the abhinaya aspect, as not too many venture far in this art.


Shridhar presented a memorable solo "Dhritarashtra Vilapam".  He has a penchent for detailed abhinaya that effectively portrays the traits of a character in full.   Shridhar kept his eyes still, as if gzing at darkness, to simulate the look of the blind Dhritarashtra.  To maintain this expresson throughout the long song, excerpted from the Mahabharata, and yet to succeed in emoting with the face was a feat inded. With this self imposed limitation andkeeping the overarching feeling of grief intensified by regret, he painted various shades ...... review in The Hindu, Chennai 25th Jan 08

RIVETING PERFORMANCE (Karthik Fine Arts, Chennai)

In a season of over presentation of Bharatanatyam, it was a challenge for the Bangalore based couple Shridhar and Anuradha to leave their mark.  The two well trained dancers did manage to do so with a memorable performance at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.  The duo displayed good coordination and chiselled adavus, as well as a grasp of the kind of themes likely to hold audience attention.  - The Hindu, Chennai.


sensational, gripping performance by the talented pair ........ spontaneous gesture of goodwill and heartfelt warmth by Dhananjayan, C V Chandrashekhar and Kalanidhi Narayanan to the brilliant performance staged by the couple and their five year old daughter ...... review on Kumarasambhavam in Sunday Express, Chennai.



had the audience glued to their seats and in the end, had stalwarts of the dance scene, V P Dhananjayan, C V Chandrashekhar and Kalanidhi Narayanan rushing to the stage to offer their congratulations ...... review in The Hindu, Chennai.



vibrancy and deep involvement equipped with technical skills,  full of innovative ideas   ........ review in Deccan Herald, Bangalore.



couple looked like sculptures come alive, so perfect ...... review on Mahabharatam in Deccan Herald, Bangalore.


Enthralling performance ........ breathtaking tandava...... graceful in The Hindu, Kochi.



........ its difficult to recreate in words the performance of dancing couple as they disrobed masks of several characters in a flash of a second or a twirl of the famous epic poem ......... review in The Indian Express, Kochi.



The purpose of art is to bring oneself closer to divinity by channeling the energy resources inherent in all human beings... And the artists who are supposed to guide the audience prefer to concentrate on their performance for the day. But not the dancer duo of Shridhar and Anuradha. 

They took the basic language of the dance form closer to the ancient theatre. Thus, they could complete dialogues using their body, all the while making sure that the audience never missed the point. At the same time,  as the dancers would add with conviction, they never trivialise the art by compromising on its form. They had a separate way of walking and posing for different characters, never leaving the audience confused about which character they were enacting..... Shridhar and Anuradha were clear in explaining to these beginners that dance is not just costumes and gestures. It is also subtle nuances of acting. - Anand Haridas, The Hindu, Cochi. 


The impressive performance stood testimony to sage Bharata's view of "enlightenment through entertainment", review in The Times of India. 


This programme can easily be rated as one of the finest of the season. Skill and soul both combined to create a memorable experience. It was a well-balanced presentation in terms of nritta and the abhinaya content. The abhinaya was not just play-acting; it genuinely reflected the mood of the moment. More important, there was dignity and refinement in every aspect.

An unusual delineation was that of Shabari...... The expression on her face when she spots Rama and her tender and reverent hospitality towards him denoted an involvement that surpassed mere performance. Shridhar as Shabari tends to Rama, and finally dies at his feet. This whole episode added a spiritual dimension that was inspiring. Shridhar as Manthara with the hunched back looked suitably evil, but it was his portrayal of Dasaratha that stood out. No wonder there was a deafening applause at the end of the programme. Anuradha and Shridhar certainly deserved it. - Rupa Srikanth, The Hindu. brazilian virgin hair

Shridhar's Bharatanatya recital was a significant one from many points of view. The colour and tradition of the Kalakshetra was conspicuous by its presence throughout the recital. Right from the theme to the style and system of its execution, everything had the authentic Kalakshetra imprint......Shridhar in ekaharya and ekapaatrabhinaya transformed into different roles with quicksilver changes in rasas and bhaavas. - M. Surya Prasad, 'NARTAKA'


Shridhar and Anuradha participated in every sequence with zeal and bubbling energy. Each scene was well-planned and brought forth with propriety, gesticulation and clarity in communication. Shridhar displayed fine dramatic skill as Dussasana. An equally strong impact was created by his moving depiction of Abhimanyu. 

These portions were portrayed by Shridhar with deep emotional fervour, revealing the enormous involvement that he had focused on this task. Anuradha danced with matching skill and shared every moment of this praiseworthy artistic endeavor; inclusion of a few theermanams at certain points embellished the presentation appropriately...... a fine sample of thematic ballet, based on dedicated, serious and successful artistic venture. -  Nandini Ramani, The Hindu, Chennai.


The jathis, including the one in tisra nade, were negotiated with perfect aremandi as well as footwork. The restrained abhinaya and stylised movements in the varnam, the involvement displayed by Shridhar devaranama and the concluding tillana with intricate korvais, executed to perfection, made the performance enjoyable. -  Lochana, The Times of India.

POETRY IN DANCE ....................-  review in The Hindu


Mahabharata is a masterpiece among their productions. The main features of Bharatanatyam (the purity in nrutta, nrutya and natya) were highlighted with the right balance of navarasas. The couple demonstrated absolute precision in rhythm and the choreography was commendable. -  review in The Hindu

RAMAYANA .......

The most striking feature of the entire presentation was the faultless nritta-nritya-abhinaya content that portrayed powerfully the numerous characters of the epic in keeping with their inborn nature. The point is, the couple handled all the characters between themselves admirably. 
When Ravana very nearly succeeded in lifting and stringing the gigantic Siva-dhanus, the play of emotions on the face of Sita (Anuradha) had its own tale to tell! Oh, what relief and joy flitted across her face when Ravana, the demon, got crushed under the weight of the huge bow till Sri Rama lifted it casually to relieve the Lankan chief of his self-inflicted misery. 

Again, the Sabari episode had its own classic message to impress on the audience. The presentation in moving kapi was truly classic....... Shridhar portrayed the vengeful Manthara with all negative emotions - hatred, revenge, jealousy - given full play through bhava and abhinaya. Anuradha as Kaikeyi matched Shridhar's Dasaratha most absorbingly. The fast-paced jathi sequences blended appropriately with admirable precision. So much so the well-known tale appeared to be totally new. The sancharis spoke of a dedicated mature experience. For the audience, it was an affair to remember and cherish. -  R. Srinivasan, Sunday Express. brazilian hair bundles

The Classic epic, in the classical language, presented in the classical idiom with a tight grip over nritya, perfect synchronisation and involvement in abhinaya, made the presentation a memorable one. -  The Times of India.


....... Shridhar, through his portrayal of Bharatha, not only proved his histrionic ability but also his grip over rhythm and Anga Suddham. The Ekapatra presentation, without depicting either Kaikeyi or Rama (by letting the music speak fro them), was novel in conception...... Shridhar excelled in three of the four Abhinayas, and with his dedication, held promise of entering the realms of Satvika Abhinaya. -    The Times of India.

The dancing couple gave an entertaining recital, which had few unusual items also. The opening composition itself was a vachana of Basavanna! Nela Vonde - attracted with its beautiful meaning. With attractive abhinaya, fine choreography, it was aesthetically appealing. With well-knit swara and good footwork, the feature was convincing. -     Deccan Herald.

They highlighted their thrilling control over the grammar of Bharatanatyam and a polished understanding of how to stretch a composition to its outer limits, to reveal the source of energy in the body and to make it flower visibly....... the two looked and danced beautifully. -  M. Surya Prasad, The Hindu.

It was indeed a great pleasure to witness your performance at the Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi on 20th and 21st February, 1999. Your mastery of and devotion to the Bharatanatyam art of dance helped you both to present truly marvelous dance-drama performances relating to our epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. -  Shri. R. K. Bhatia, High Commissioner for India, Nairobi.


Award-winning film actor Shridhar and his wife Anuradha have, without doubt, carved a niche for themselves in the field of classical dance. -  The Hindu.



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