Shridhar & Anuradha

the well known dancing couple

 from Karnataka have carved a niche for themselves on the contemporary dance scene with a fine blend of classical rigour and emotional intensity. Their technical virtuosity is underlined by vivid imagination


They are the artistic directors of Khechara Academy of Bharathanatyam


1. Shridhar won the Karnataka State Govt’s Best Supporting Actor Award
for his performance in the Kannada film "Kamsale Kaisale"dir by Sri.Nagabharana.

2.. Shridhar received the Best Actor Award for his performance as Sri.Raghavendra Swamy
in the E-TV tele serial "Sri Guru Raghavendra Mahime" from the Aryabhata Cultural Organization.

Upcoming events

  2-2-14 : Anuradha & Shridhar present their highly acclaimed dance feature "Mahabharat" at Sevasadana,14th cross,Malleshwaram,Bangalore at 7pm

  5-2-14 : Shridhar is invited to present a paper on Literature and Dance,at Dharwada

  9-2-14 : Karnataka state Governments Film Award Function,at Dharwada


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