Upanishad Bhavadhare
The word 'Upanishad' refers to that divine knowledge or wisdom which loosens the bonds of 'samsara' (transmigratory existence) of a being, annihilates his ajnana or the ignorance of his real nature, and leads him to Brahman or God, the absolute. In this production the essence of the Upanishads is conveyed through the medium of Bharatanatyam.The verses are taken from Taittiriya, Brihadaranyaka, Isavasya, Chandogya and Katha Upanishads.

Research, Script and choreography by Dr.Shridhar

A dance feature based on the compositions of haridasas like Purandaradasa, Kanakadasa, Vijayadasa, Sri.Vadiraja and others.

Sri Purandara Dasaru
A dance feature based on the life of the renowned Purandaradasa presented by Sri.Shridhar Smt. Anuradha Shridhar and the students of Khechara Academy. Dur 1 hr 30 mnts.

Thirumangai Alwar
The life of the Thirumangai Alwar his transformation from a highway robber into the divine saint.

Mahabharatam (click here for more pictures)
Dramatic narration of the great epic Mahabharatam.
Duration: 1 Hour 30Minutes.

Bharata Shapatham
A solo dance feature by Shridhar, which highlights the noble character of Bharata. The lyrics are taken from Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam.
Duration: 1 Hour

Based on the episodes of Aranyakanda from Valmiki Ramayanam.
Duration: 1 Hour


     Srirama Charitham
A dance feature narrating the sublime story of  Srirama. 
Duration: 1 Hour 30Minutes.

A feature on man-woman relationship with emphasis on the concept of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The feature is based on the slokas from the Upanishads.
Duration: 45 Mins.
Based on Mahakavi Kalidasa's epic poem Kumarasambhavam.
Duration: 1 Hour 30Minutes.

Kannada Sahitya Darshana
Presented through the medium of Bharathanatyam, literary works of the great poets of Karnataka, ranging from the ancient to the modern.

Based on the ancient Jain Scriptures and Mahakavi Pampa's Adi Purana.

A dance feature on Ecology and environment
Duration: 30 Mins.

Dhritarashtra Vilaapam
A solo by Shridhar depicting the pathetic plight of the blind king Dhrutarashtra after all his sons are killed in the  battle of Kurukshetra.

A dance feature  depicting the Navarasas,  the lyrics taken from  various poetries

Karnataka Vaaggeya Vaibhava 
Selected compositions of great Karnataka Composers like Mysore Sadashivaraya,  Mysore Vasudevacharya, Veena Seshanna,  Jaya Chamaraja Odeyar etc.

Mahaveera Karna
Karna is one of the most poignant and complex characters of the Mahabharata. His magnificent personality, many layered and many splendoured: good son, great friend, powerful foe, skilled warrior, generous almsgiver a figure abandoned by his own, buffeted by Destiny and denied his due.
Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


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