Sridhar is acclaimed as one of the finest actors in Kannada film land. Born with immense acting talent, he started acting on stage at a very young age and won high accolades for his performances. He is also an acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer. He won the Karnataka Sangitha Nritya Academy’s Best Young Dancer Award in 1980 and several awards later.




The renowned Kannada director late Sri,Puttanna Kanagal spotted Shridhar and introduced him to the Kannada screen as a hero, with the film Amritaghalige(1983) .In his first appearance itself Shridhar’s mature and brilliant performance as a noble and sacrificing young boy, was loved by all Kannadigas, and he soon became a household name in Karnataka. His outstanding performance in the lead role is cherished even today. The song “hindusthanavu endu mareyada” has become an immortal patriotic song in Kannada cinema Since then he has acted in more than 65 films under the direction of many legends in Indian cinema, and has won many awards for his performances. He has the rare distinction of acting in five languages viz., Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi

Shridhar is an actor who studies the psychological, sociological aspects of the character in detail and breathes life into it. He has studied in great depth the films of great directors and actors of world cinema.

"Santa Shishunala Shariefa" a film directed by renowned director Nagabharana is a milestone in Kannada cinema. Shridhar's mature and sterling portrayal of the saint-poet, from 20 to 80 years of age stands as one of the finest performances on Kannada screen. He won the Karnataka State Government's Best Actor Award for his performance. This film also won the prestigious Nargis Dutt award from the Central Government

Bannada Vesha , a film by the acclaimed director Girish Kasaravally won the National Award as the Regional Best Film. Shridhar portrayed the complex character of a successful yakshagana artiste who is trapped by his popular image

Lady Character
Shridhar donned the role of a lady in the super hit comedy film Bombat Hendthi. This film is rated as one of the top most comedy films in Kannada


After casting Shridhar as the Hero in his successful Kannada film, Sundara Swapnagalu, the ace Tamil director Sri.K.Balachander introduced him to the Tamil screen with his film "Manadil Urudi Vendum" (heroin-Suhasini). Shridhar's classical dancing (Kanna varuvana and sangatthamil kaviye) in this film is acclaimed as one of the best classical performances by a hero in Indian cinema. Shridhar later acted in several Tamil films like- Poo Pootta Nandavanam (with Sarita), Maha Maayi (with Shobhana) etc.,


He has acted in the highly acclaimed Malayalam film "Mani Chitra Taalzhu" made by the renowned director Sri Fazil.This film became a sensational hit and won many National and State Awards.The climax song "oru murai vandu parthaya" became an all time favourite among the Malayalees.


He acted as the anti-hero in the Hindi film "Bhairavi" a classical music based film directed by Smt Arunaraje Patil.This film won a national award for its excellent music.



His powerful performance in a character role in the Telugu film "Swarabhishekam" directed by the renowned director Sri.K.Viswanath won high acclaim.



Lord Shiva

Shridhar received tremendous appreciation for his performance as Lord Shiva in the Kannada film Shabarimale Swamy Ayyappa directed by Renuka Sharma.His ananda and raudra tandavams became sensational and unparalleled on Indian Screen. He became a household name in Andhra Pradesh with his outstanding performance as Lord Shiva in the classic Telugu serial "Shivaleelalu" on E-TV. Shridhar is identified as Lord Shiva in Karnataka and Andhrapradesh. His other portrayals as Shiva are, Devi Mookambike mahatme, Mahasaadhvi Mallamma, Bala Shiva, Gramadevathe, Renukacharya Mahatme (as Renukacharya and Shiva) and Ranachandi (Telugu) Truvilzhaiadal (Tamil-TV), Purana Gaadhalu (Telugu-TV).Adi Chunchanagiri Mahatme etc




        TITLE                                         DIRECTOR                                     AWARD

1. Amritha Ghalige                         Sri.Puttanna Kanagal                             State Award

2. Mowna Geethe                            Sri.Geetha Priya                                   State Award

3. Asphota                                          Sri.Nagabharana                                National &State Awards

4. Bannada Vesha                             Sri.Girish Kasaravally                         National Award

5. Santa Shishunala Shariefa            Sri.Nagabharana                                Several National State Awards

6. Mani Chitra Taalzhu                     Sri.Fazil                                              National &  (Malayalam) State Awards


7. Bhairavi ( Hindi )                             Smt.Arunaraje Patil                             National Award

8. Swarabhishekam (Telugu )              Sri.K.Viswanath                                  National Award


His film Bannada Vesha in kannada won the regional best film award in which he
portrayed the character of a yakshagana artiste. 

The ace director Sri.K.Balachander introduced him to the Tamil screen with his film
Manadil  Urudi  Vendum  (opposite Suhasini).  Shridhar   later   acted   in   several 
Tamil     films    like  -   PooPootta   Nandavanam   (opposite   Sarita),   Maha  Maayi  
(opposite Shobhana) etc., 
He   has   acted    in    the     highly     acclaimed
Malayalam film Mani Chitra Taalzh, made by
 the renowned director Sri.Fazil.This  film won
many National and State Awards.

He acted as the hero in the Hindi film Bhairavi
directed  by Smt.Arunaraje Patil.This  film  won
a national award.

Shridhar    became     a    household    name    in
Andhra   Pradesh     with      his     Outstanding
performance   as  Lord   Shiva   in   the   classic
Telugu serial Shivaleelalu on E-TV.

Shridhar has acted in a key role in the Telugu film "Swarabhishekam" directed by Sri.K.Viswanath which has won high accolades for his brilliant performance.


Tele Serial

Sri Raghavendra Mahime
Shridhar was blessed to do the role of Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy. Produced by Sri. K.Raghavendra Rao, this kannada serial based on the life of the revered Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy was telecast on E-TV(2012-14).


Award Winning Films




Amritaghalige Sri.Puttanna Kanagal State Award
Mowna Geethe Sri.Geetha Priya State Award
Asphota Sri.T.S.Nagabharana National & State Award
Bannada Vesha Sri.Girish Kasaravalli National Award
Santa Shishunala Shreifa Sri T.S.Nagabharana Several National & State Awards
Mani Chitra Taalzh (Malayalam) Sri.Fazil National & State Awards
Bhairavi (Hindi) Smt.Arunaraje Patil National Award
Swarabhishekam (Telugu) .Sri.K Viswanath        National & State Awards




BEST ACTOR (Cinema 1989-90) Government of Karnataka
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (2012) Government of Karnataka
( E- TV serial Sri.Raghavendra Mahime )
Aryabhata Organization, Bengaluru
BEST ACTOR (1989-90) Film Fans Association, Bangalore
(Tele Serial Meghamaala)
Kalasagar, Hyderabad
(Classical Dance –2000)
 Journalists Forum, Bangalore
(Cassical Dance –1996)
Aryabhata Cultural Organisation Bangalore
(Classical Dance –2000)
Bharat Kalachar, Chennai
(In recognition of service to the art field )
Bharat Kalachar, Chennai
(In recognition of service to the art field )
Karnataka Sangita Nritya Academy Govt of Karnataka

Popular Kannada Films

Amrita Ghalige, Sundara Swapnagalu, Santa Shishunala Shariefa, Shabarimale Swami Ayyappa, Tavarumane Udugore, Maangalya, Bombat Hendti, Hatamari Hennu Kiladi Gandu, Arisina Kunkuma etc., hair bundles uk

TV Serials




Stone Boy   Hindi(National Network) Sri.T.S.Nagabharana
Bayalata  Hindi(National Network) Sri.T.S.Nagabharana
O! Nanna Belake  Kannada(Udaya) Sri.T.S.Nagabharana
Srishti  Kannada(E-TV)  Sri.Ravi
Parva Kannada(E-TV) Sri.Sambashivarao
Endamaavulu   Telugu(DD) Sri.SrinivasaReddy
Megha Maala   Telugu(Gemini) Sri.Devadas. K
Shivaleelalu   Telugu(E-TV) Sri.Suman & Sri.Meer
Sri Bhagavatham (as Arjuna) Telugu(E-TV) Sri.Suman & Sri. Udaya Bhaskar
Brindavanam   Tamil(Sun-TV) Sri.Rajender
Panjavarnakkili   Tamil(Sun-TV) Sri.Tirumurugan
Thirvilaiadal (as Shiva)  Tamil(Sun-TV)  prod by Radaan

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